Find the Right Location for a Borehole

Worker monitoring bore hole drilling
A majority of property owners who wish to have a borehole determine its location based on the convenience of the site. However, drillers can’t place a borehole anywhere. Homeowners have to compromise in one way or another.

To ensure that you find the most suitable place for your borehole, expert bore drillers like Carlyle Drilling explain that you should determine the perfect location. Keep the following in mind.

Groundwater Floor Direction

If the direction of flow of the groundwater is established, it is advisable to install the borehole far from the sewage system, to move contamination away from the well. Normally, the groundwater flows towards the direction that the land slopes. However, if your ground appears flat, it may be difficult to tell. It makes it necessary to engage professional well drillers in determining the direction of the flow in your property.

Environmental Factors

These factors involve natural phenomena that are not the result of any human activity. For instance, you need to consider the type of soil near the surface. If you have clay, silt or sand, then contaminants will not reach your water as they will be filtered out. If there are bodies of water such as ponds, rivers and streams, there is a high possibility of contamination. Make sure that your borehole is located 15 metres away from the surface waters.

Human Activity

These are human activities that impact the location of your borehole. They may include burials, animal pens, industrial facilities, power lines, an abandoned well, and future developments. Observing these factors will ensure that you invest in a place that avoids underground water contamination.

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When you have considered these things, make a simple sketch of the layout you found. Measure the distances from your preferred well location and the possible contaminants. This will ensure that your borehole is in the right place on your property.