How Free Coffee at Work Helps

brewed coffee poured in a mugFor many people, a cup of coffee is the best way to start their day and keep them going, especially for the office workers. This is one of the many reasons why providing your employees with free coffee at work is the best way to boost their productivity and morale.

Here are some more reasons you should have high-quality commercial espresso coffee machines at the office.

Coffee improves employee productivity and morale

Science has proven time, and again caffeine induces people to be alert, awake and focused. As it also results in improved concentration and memory, they are less likely to commit mistakes at work. Coffee is especially beneficial for employees who have long work schedules or during late hours.

Aside from improving employee productivity, providing them with good coffee at work lets them know that their boss has their best interests at heart, which makes them happy while at work.

Coffee keeps employees honest at work

Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people are more likely to engage in unethical behaviours or practices at work. Caffeine can help combat this by giving them the willpower and alertness to control their actions.

But even if you do not overwork your employees, other factors contribute to how much rest they get such as having children to take care of which is something you cannot control. However, what you can do is provide them with a cup of coffee or two to help keep their energy and honesty up at work.

Coffee breaks lets the employees socialise with each other

A coffee break is a great way to catch up with colleagues. A simple chat here and there can strengthen the bond between co-workers that help them work together better. Meetings over a cup of something hot as coffee also helps everyone relax.

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A more relaxed mind is more likely to come up with great ideas. Furthermore, it also lets employees interact with their bosses in a less formal way.

Coffee is a simple pleasure, but good coffee is a luxury. Keep your employees pampered and happy with an espresso coffee machine at the office and see how they become much more productive.