Why Print Media Still Works

folded newspapersBusinesses nowadays might not be focusing as much on print media. They’re not wrong to do so. Digital is all the rage, and almost everyone uses and benefits from it. It’s instantaneous, costs a lot less, and can reach more people in a shorter span of time. Not to mention, all results are tangible and measurable.

However, don’t count out print media just yet. There is a reason it still exists because it still works. Local printing services here in Australia and beyond would agree. Under the right circumstances, print media can be as beneficial as digital. Here’s why.

The Internet Isn’t Everything

Almost everyone might be on the internet, but it isn’t everything. Writing for LinkedIn, veteran marketer Sabline Carbaugh makes a solid point. She states that 79 percent of consumers act on direct mail ads quicker compared to email ads (45 percent).

This results in response rates greater than email itself (1.1 to 1.4 percent versus 0.03 percent). Why does print still work? There are several reasons. A good one involves target marketing. Compare a magazine dedicated to a specific market (i.e. dog lovers) and email blasts from an agency.

If the publication is specifically intended for that demographic, they’re more likely to consider the information useful to them. One may argue that digital also has its targeting parameters (i.e. Facebook, Google, etc.) but there is always room for error.

The message may reach the people they want, but people won’t necessarily act on it. It’s because they receive it out of nowhere and don’t deliberately seek it. But when they buy a dedicated publication, they actively find that information.

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A World of Fakes

Everyone knows this: the internet will always have fake ads. Things such as pop-ups, direct mail, and dialogue boxes with links are likely to lead to a virus or any other digital threat. Print media is completely safe from that risk.

Thus, people consider print as a more reliable source of information. One can also add that print is a long-running medium and there is little reason not to trust it.

Do not sleep on print media. This should be the mantra of all businesses even today.