Why Stadium Upgrades are Necessary

Audience enjoying inside stadiumStadiums are essential for entertainment. Stadiums and arenas serve as venues for sports events, concerts, as well as other big events and gatherings. Monumental concerts with tens of thousands of people in attendance require specific equipment to suit such big events. Sports stadiums are designed as open air stadiums or sometimes have retractable roofs.

Refurbishing Older Stadiums

Although stadium design has advanced with new technologies, older stadiums are only now being refurbished to take advantage of these developments. In addition, recent regulations and pertinent laws regarding seating and access for the disabled have made stadium seating changes and solutions a priority.

For instance, the University of Nevada, Reno had to introduce additional changes in the seating to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The law was introduced in 1990, and last year, the university spent $14 million to comply with the ADA. This resulted in some unforeseen problems which had to be corrected this year with additional renovations which cost an additional $700,000.

Setting up and renovating a stadium is not an easy task. Even then, some issues may occur regarding funding, schedules and construction. Stadium seating solutions are meant to help with making construction much easier. These are not shortcuts, rather aids in construction and meeting the requirements set by the ADA.

Technology and Convenience

Some of the most advanced technologies included in the latest stadium upgrades include WIFI access, as well as LCD screens per seat. These may not be noticeable, but these are for the benefit of the spectators. The more noticeable changes have included the stadium turf, special booths for VIP guests, as well as the stadium lighting. The seats are the most important in all these renovations.

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People enjoy a game where they can see the action, and attending a game at a stadium that gives premium seating arrangements brings a different kind of excitement.